Shade Sails


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Shade Sails New for Smoker Builders in 2013

Shade sails  provide sun shade and up to 95% UV protection with artistic shade canopies that for backyard, patios, swimming pools, spas,  playgrounds, parks and  many other outdoor living spaces.

The inward curves along the sides of each shade fabric panel are indicative of shade sails and are engineered to help spread and distribute the tension placed at each connection point evenly over the entire sail.

Installation of a shade sail or shade structure can take anywhere from a few hours to several days . Most installations require drilling into building fascias, into existing concrete slabs, or pouring new concrete footings to support the structure.

Shade sails can define an outdoor space without boxing it in, and without requiring hardscapes or plants to create an outdoor room.

Like so many products available, not all sails are created equal. Sails come in all sizes, shapes, configurations, color and different types of fabric.

Smoker Builders has the ability to meet all of your needs with all of those pre made options or customs sails to fit in your  budget.  So if you are ready for some shade that offers a fresh new look  with a splash of color, give us a call.


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