KYK Genesis Water Ionizer

Unmatched innovation and quality, at an honest price!

New 7 Plate Genesis!

Beats Tyent 7070 and Enagic SD 501 in pH and ORP! Best ionization, best filtration, best features, best company.

The Genesis – A Remarkable Machine:

Your Genesis water ionizer has the ability to turn ordinary tap water into water with the ability to effectively counter the three most probable causes of sickness, chronic disease and premature aging; (1) high acidity levels in the body, technically called acidosis, (2) damaging run away free radical activity and (3) body dehydration.

High body acidity is caused primarily by the foods we eat and the beverages we drink. Ideally our diet should be 80% alkaline and 20% acidic. In reality the American diet is just the opposite. Highly acidic foods include animal protein, grain products, dairy products, most beans, fats and oils and even some fruits and vegetables. High acidity beverages include alcohol, soft drinks, most sports and energy drinks, reverse osmosis water (most bottled water is R/O water), and coffee. As you can see, it is very difficult to consistently eat an alkaline diet.

When body pH is lowered (towards acidic) ALL major bodily functions are negatively affected. High acid intake results in the creation of excess acidic waste. To protect kidneys and liver, our chief detoxification organs from acidic overload, the body stores excess acidic waste in fat cells. In a continually acidic internal environment, these fat cells continue to accumulate resulting in gradual and consistent weight gain. The blood must remain at a very precise alkaline pH of 7.365. Should blood pH drop to pH 7.0, we will go into a coma and die. To buffer blood pH, the body steals minerals from bones, a direct cause of osteoporosis. High acidity levels in the body also hinder the body’s ability to circulate blood, raising blood pressure. Alkaline ionized water at pH levels between 8.5 and 9.5 is VERY effective at neutralizing body acidity, helping to return the body to an alkaline state. It is a significant fact that disease will easily germinate and flourish in an acidic environment whereas it literally CANNOT SURVIVE in an alkaline environment.

Free radicals are molecules that are missing an electron and are therefore chemically unstable. To become stable, a compelling chemical urge, a free radical must find an electron – somewhere. Free radicals can and will attack and steal electrons from healthy cells damaging them, killing them or alternating their DNA. Free radical damage has been directly linked to cancer. A substance that contains easily accessible or free electrons that can be used as an alternate source of electrons by free radicals is called an antioxidant. Alkaline ionized water contains huge numbers of OH negative ions, molecules that have an extra electron, making alkaline ionized water a VERY POWERFUL antioxidant. As a side benefit, the interaction between OH negative ions and free radicals produces Oxygen providing the body with LOTS of NATURAL energy!

Alkaline ionized water is restructured making it up to six times more hydrating than ordinary water. Smaller water clusters more effectively penetrate cells resulting in much more efficient delivery of nutrients and oxygen to cells and removal of waste material and toxins from cells.

Alkaline ionized water actually enables the body to heal itself and to keep itself healthy and free of sickness and disease, what it was designed to do. Alkaline ionized water is very similar in nature to the famous miracle water of Lourdes France, considered by many to be the fountain of youth.

Genesis Features:

Cutting edge slotted electrolysis plate technology! Oversize platinum titanium electrolysis plates incorporate KYK’s slotted plate technology, providing the best of all worlds; extremely long life-span, optimal electrolysis and optimal ionization, with none of the problems associated with mesh plates or the less effective ionization capabilities of non-slotted plates.

SMPS (switched mode power supply) power control system! SMPS power supplies provide extremely stable power eliminating power loss and shortened life-span as is typical with older technology transformer-based power supplies systems.

Dual high capacity filters! An activated carbon filter ensures pure water for 9000 liters (2377 gallons), and a specialized media filter removes fluoride and heavy metals for 6000 liters (1585 gallons). Both filters have extremely long life-spans, cutting down on the cost per gallon

Electronically controlled filter life indicators! The KYK Genesis tracks actual water usage rather than the amount of time that the unit is operating as do many other water ionizer products also reducing cost per gallon

Electronically controlled filter contamination sensors! The KYK Genesis continually monitors the cleanliness of its filters and promptly notifies you when the filters need to be replaced.

Nine preset pH levels! Four alkaline water settings (8.5pH, 9.0pH, 9.5pH, and 10.0pH) programmable to 11.0+pH, one pure water (filtered only) setting and four acidic water settings (5.5pH, 5.0pH, 4.5pH, and 4.0pH) programmable to 2.5 – 3.0pH, all with a convenient touch sensor selection system.

76 programmable pH and ORP levels! The KYK Genesis allows you to program nearly any pH and ORP combination, so as to customize your pH and ORP to the level that’s right for you. This feature is essential due to the wide range of tap water quality in North America. Non-programmable ionizers cannot adjust to local tap water conditions, so these ionizers are at the mercy of your tap water and a handful of pre-set pH levels. The actual pH levels of non-programmable ionizers can vary greatly from the pH levels posted on the control panel of the unit. Simply put, when used in two different cities or states, a non-programmable ionizer will typically get two completely different pH level outputs when kept at the same pH setting.

Seven color LCD Display! Shows pH level estimates, ORP level estimates, auto-diagnosis error codes, actual number of liters of filter life left in each filter, water flow rate, and sound levels.

Choice of pH or ORP display! The KYK Genesis can show either the ORP or the pH of the water being ionized.

Voice prompt system! The KYK Genesis notifies you of each system function with soothing voice prompts, chimes, and soft music all of which have five volume levels, as well as mute.

Complete auto-diagnosis system! The KYK Genesis continually monitors six internal operating systems ensuring that you are immediately notified in the highly unlikely event of a problem.

Automatic cleaning system! The KYK Genesis automatically initiates a cleaning cycle after each use.

Automatic draining system! Drains water into the electrolysis cell system and filter to enhance full system cleaning and greatly extend the life-span of the KYK Genesis system over other water ionizer products.

Automatic pH and ORP control and display! The KYK Genesis controls the pH and ORP of your water by adjusting the ionization according to the mineral content of your tap water. This allows the KYK Genesis to estimate and display the pH and ORP of your water. No other system can do this.

Stainless steel adapters! Unlike the plastic adaptors which are used in other systems and are prone to problematic leaks and the subsequent need for replacement, the KYK Genesis comes equipped with stainless steel attachments for your faucet or cold water line.

Contemporary design! The KYK Genesis easily fits in with any decor in your home.

New 7 Plate Genesis

KYK Genesis Product Specifications:

Manufacturer Approval Code:


Product Approval Code:


Product Name:

Medical Substance Producer


KYK25000, KYK25000P

Manufacturing Company:

KYK Co. Ltd. (440-407 Sangdaewon-Dong Joongwon-Gu, Sungnam City, Kyunggi-Do, Korea)

The object of Product:

The production of alkaline and neutral water for drinking and acidic water for other uses.

Standard Voltage and Frequency:

AC 110V 50/60Hz

Electrical Consumption:


Size and weight:

Size: 13.4 (W) x 13.4 (H) x 7.25 (D) (inches) Weight:8.8 pounds

Composition and Water Supply Type:

Standing and a wall-mounted type, direct connection to tap water

Controlling Method:

Touch sensor

Available Temperature:

5°C ~ 30°C

Available Water Pressure:


Electrolysis Method:

Continuous electrolysis (including flow sensor)

LCD Screen:

Displays pH and ORP levels, 7 colors, water flow rate per minute, ionization indicator, remaining filter life for dual filter system, auto-diagnosis indicators, water purification, and sound.


Handling Capacity: 2-3 liter of alkali water/min, 1.5 liter of acidic water/ min

Electrolysis Ability:

4 levels of alkaline water, 4 levels of acidic water, 1 level neutral water

Electrolysis Cell:

5 or 7 Slotted platinum titanium plates

Electrode Sheet Wash:

Automatic washing (controlled by mycom)


1st filter: 6,000 liters (1585 gal), 2nd filter: 9000 liters (2377 gal).

Message to indicate Filter Change:

LCD control screen indicates when each filter has 70 liters of filter life left.

Filtering Material (Made in Korea):

1st filter: Antibiotic one-side filter, Zeomic, Noxious Odor Calcium, Active Carbon (with silver added), Sediment filter

2nd Filter:

Antibiotic one-side filter, Granular Activated Carbon, Active Carbon (with silver added)

Power Source Protector:


Over-current Detector:

Automatically stops the output of electrolytic cells

Over Temperature Protector:

The temperature detector circuit installed inside the SMPS automatically stops the device.