Therapy Saunas

Therapy Saunas



      Therapy Saunas are custom-built Far Infrared Saunas or Traditional Saunas built by Smoker Builders Inc. for indoor or outdoor use. We can build for you a Far Infrared or a Traditional Sauna. TherapySaunas can be built free-standing or in existing rooms and closets. Therapy Saunas are built from American made products. Therapy Saunas can be built with multiple therapies and option in one.





Custom built in an existing closet.

Custom built-in an existing closet.





Now available for Therapy Sauna: Exterior color staining included in pricing.

TheraSauna as an add on option, limited color exteriors.         

Do you have a Sauna that needs work or upgrading? 

Want to build your own Sauna?

We can help.

We can help with layout and you can purchase all the components from us.


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