Dual Person TheraSauna®



      $ 4,495.00

TS4746 Straight Bench



TS4746 Straight Bench

47½” W x 45″ D x 74″ H
120 volt/1141 watt/9.5 amp
15-Amp Plug
7 TheraMitter™ heaters
Full Tempered Glass Door

Eight reasons to choose TheraSauna
1. World-wide patented StableHeat™ technology helps create the most constant and beneficial levels of far infrared
2.TheraSauna® is the only company to use aspen hardwood, which is non-toxic and non-allergenic
3. Our saunas utilize solid ceramic TheraMitters™ that meet or exceed manufacturer specifications to provide the best and most beneficial levels of infrared
4. TheraSauna® exceeds the levels required for CSA certification on our complete unit (not just on particular parts
5. TheraSauna® also meets the requirements to be UL and CE certified
6. TheraSauna® emits very low levels of EMF, compared to the high levels of EMF produced by saunas using solo carbon materials and rod emitters
7. TheraSauna®’s parent company, QCA Spas, is the only American manufacturer of far infrared saunas
8. TheraSauna®’s parent company, QCA Spas, has been in business since 1966