Seven Pillars of Health

Don Colbert M.D. – The Seven Pillars of Health
TheraSauna® is listed on page 263 of Appendix A for Recommended Products

Also see page 174, “Hop in the Sauna” as listed under Pillar 5, Detoxification

Dr. Colbert mentions that an infrared sauna causes the body to eliminate up to “three times more toxins” in the perspiration than in a conventional sauna

Don Colbert M.D. – Toxic Relief
TheraSauna® is listed on page 237 of Appendix D for Product Information

TheraSauna is also listed under the heading, Infrared Sauna, on page 80 of chapter 6, “Dr. C’s Detox Fast”.

See Doctor Colbert’s description of the TheraSauna’s “superior method of detoxification”.

“Infrared saunas have been successfully used by people suffering from sports injuries, arthritis, chronic fatigue, and fibromyalgia as well as other painful conditions.”
“Weight loss is facilitated through use of an infrared sauna – probably due to the increase in growth hormone that it produces.”


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